1. Have fun.

  2. Be nice. Maintain the moral high ground. Remember, your actions reflect upon the clan. Conduct yourself in a well-mannered respectful way. We will present ourselves with great pride as the most helpful and kindest elites clan on the server. We help noobs if we have time, never forget that you were there once too. No pulling adds at a boss. It's okay to help other clans if we've lost the lock. Aithne are not sore losers...if we lose the lock on a boss, it's ok to say "GJ!"when the competition wins. We do not KS others! No matter how much we despise the person or their clan. No killing a person in the arena just for fun​ or to lock a boss before they do after they've already started attacking. This is ALWAYS grounds for kicking.

  3. Clan Chat “CC" should be used for talking about the game, selling items to clannies, saying hello/goodbye, and calling bosses. That's it! Harassing/Cursing/Threatening/Whining/or just generally being a jerk on CC is grounds for kicking. Also Spamming the CC is an auto-kick.

  4. Never sell quest items. These always go to the bank. We do this to help kit the new members as fast as possible. Examples: rems, discs, orbs, crests. Players who ask for skill tomes but sell skill tomes will not get free skill tomes from the bank. If you get a drop offer it to a clannie who needs it or give it to a general.

  5. Grouping your clan members is encouraged and is the way to keep the clan strong but it isn’t always necessary. Be willing to invite a non-clan friend into a group if there is room, especially if they need the kill for a quest. Remember to be nice, your behaviors are often reported back and bad behavior may result in being kicked. We have friends in all the other elite clans so, again, please no open clan bashing. Hate the player, not the clan. Don’t invite greedy jerks into the group.

  6. Don't be childish. No begging, pestering, whining, or being bossy in groups or clan chat. This always ends in you being kicked. Keep your personal life to a whisper. No chat bombing in shouts, clan chats or any forum where your real life becomes public news. This is a fantasy world we come to to get away from our real lives. Not everyone cares and sometimes simple real life events can turn quickly into misconstrued fantasy world drama. Come to the game to play and get away.

  7. Cursing a little happens but using profanity to defame or harass another player is not very friendly. Don’t cuss out a fellow clannie…EVER. A warning will be issued, continuing will get you booted.

  8. You must review these rules and let your Guards and Gens know you agree to them to gain bank access.

  9. You must have a Line app account and be part of clan chats and boss calls to gain bank access.

  10. You may switch mains but we consider a main the toon you play the most. Be active on that toon. A switched main is considered alt until it surpasses the former main level.

  11. The Corka Rule: named after a close friend to the founders of Aithne and former general of the clan who succumbed to her depression and took her own life. This is the rule that you don't take this game too seriously. Don't let it eat your life. Remember it is just a game. When stupid people whisper stupid shit...it's stupid. Go ahead, put the game down and take a break or even an extended vacation from the game. Quit the game if you have to...we support you to be as happy as possible. Don't feel pressured to play in a way that isn't fun. Above all else, if you're feeling depressed, anxious, suicidal, or mentally frail...don't let this game make it worse and GO SEEK HELP. As your online friends and clan, we are hundreds and sometimes thousands of km/miles apart. We can try to support you but the real rescue begins with you...where you are.




  1. The camper of the boss or timer keeper gets first dibs. If you wait for it you should get the reward...but only if you need it. Don’t need it? Bank it.

  2. All quest armor parts from bosses for Meteoric (remnants, tablets, discs), Frozen (Orbs, Crests), DL (Gems, Idols, Urns, etc.), EDL parts are given to Gens and Guards or mailed to Aithnebank- period, no exceptions. Selling these or posting on auction are grounds for kicking.

  3. When bosses drop other things (jewelry, weapons, etc.) people are free to choose whether to keep for use if needed, give to someone in group if needed, or donate to bank (I.e. a rogue doesn’t get an item drop to sell, or a Druid item they can’t use - it goes to clan bank). If it’s a legacy, dragon, or rare boss, same item rules apply and if 2+ people in group want the item they roll for it. If bank gets overloaded on crap items, bank sells those to vendor and starts to establish a gold base for special contests (like a reward for levels raised for a lix fest/xp sprint).

  4. Any items earned from leveling, mob soloing, etc are free for that player to decide whether they sell, donate, give to clan, sell to clan, or whatever they want - assuming it’s NOT an armor drop from a boss. the general expectation is that anything given to a player by the bank will be given back to the bank when done for redistribution. 

  5. Recruits will have to wait 2 weeks before being eligible for Bank access/Quest items (Froz/DL/EDL/jewelry). Gear will be given out in full sets to those that contribute (decided by Gens when they meet requirements).

  6. Kit mains first (see Conduct Rule #10). If you want to kit your alt then play your alt. We don’t kit toons that are inactive.

  7. Be patient: We look at several things when determining who to give kits/drops to such as: How active are you? Do you donate? What sort of classes do we need most on bosses? How long have you been waiting? Do we even have that item?

  8. You must make your request for DL/EDL known by either in game mail or in the Line app chat.

  9. Don’t come to a boss and just stand there or die and lay there and then demand drops. If you didn't have an impact on the boss then you don't get rewarded. If you show and a boss is over half dead and the group seems to have it under control please continue to help but don't feel like you're entitled to the drop.

  10. If you are 20 levels below a boss your damage is basically useless. Group leaders will likely ask you to leave to make room for higher level members to ease the killing of bosses. If you don't like this...go level up and make a difference. Attacking a boss for 40 points of damage does not help the boss group. An exception is always made for druids because healers are hard to level and heals are always appreciated. So make a druid!!...or a ranger (half as cool as druids).

  11. You must review these rules and let your Guards and Gens know you agree to them to gain bank access.

  12. You must have a Line app account and be part of clan chats and boss calls to gain bank access


Requirements for Meteoric: Level 115. May be asked to get specific items we are low on before distribution 

Requirements for Frozen: level 140. May be asked to get specific items we are low on before distribution, or a certain # of orbs. 


Requirements for DL: level 185. May be asked to get specific items we are low on before distribution. 


EDL: Level 205. May be asked to get specific items we are low on before distribution.










  1. Level req is 115 but we consider this a guideline and not a hard and fast rule. If you're a bit lower, we may consider it so just ask (especially druids). Ask any member of Aithne if a Guardian or General is on to put your name up for a vote.

  2. That Guard or Gen will post your request on our Line chat and get back to you right away.

  3. Maybe you want to try us out for just a week or so and see what we are all about? That's okay too. There is no harm in making sure we are a good fit. We are confident you will have a good time and make friends.

  4. You will have a 2 week "Getting to Know" each other period and you will be a recruit which means no timers and no bank access. If we are a good fit together then you will be welcome to move up the ranks.